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HiddenViewz is a collective of young creatives with a burning passion for social change. Our main aim is to bring diversity to the arts by exploring issues faced by those who are often overlooked in society and highlighting these issues through theatre, film and music. We aim to do this by creating opportunities for these creatives and ourselves.

Because of the nature of our company we like to give back and as a result we hold workshops, classes and fundraisers to raise awareness of the issues we express in our shows.



Andrea Lungay

Andrea is the Founder, Artistic Director of HiddenViewz and Studio Manager of HiddenViewz HQ Studios. She is a London based Producer, Director and Photographer. She specialises in political, immersive and devised theatre. Get in touch for corporate collaborations, B2B communications and studio enquiries. 


Rachel Mervis

Rachel is a Co-Founder, Theatre Executive and Industry Liasion. She is a London based director and writer who explores political theatre and specialises in surrealist, physical and immersive theatre. Get in touch for script commissions, reviews and press.

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Crawford Kalu

Crawford is our third Co-Founder, Music Executive and HiddenTunez Studio Manager. He is a London based actor, writer and music artist. Get in touch for all music collaborations, recording studio bookings and music usage.


Clint Mwaka

Clint is our Deputy Music Manager and Deputy Studio Manager for HiddenTunez and HiddenViewz HQ. He is a London based actor and music artist with numerous streams on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube. Get in touch for all music collaborations.

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