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Music has always played an important role in HiddenViewz Productions and now we are excited to introduce a new opportunity to create music for production and help new musicians find their sound.

Check out our team below.


HTS Small Logo 3.jpg

Our most experienced member Kadz is a producer and engineer wizard from Luton. With 16 years worth of experience working with different artists and genres Kadz knows a hit before he makes one

Jovin is our multi talented producer and engineer hailing from NW London. As an artist Jovin has hired ear to the streets and uses that to specialise in Trap/Afro/Drill/RnB and can bring new flavours to any sound

RJ is an Afro Swing and TrapSoul artist from NW London. With soft melodies and brilliant vocals, RJ is the next UK artist ready to take the industry by storm.

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