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In the mind of the Conscious

A vibrant and unapologetic exploration of black stereotypes and black love. Conveniently set in the subconscious mind of Angry Black Woman, we see the characters undergo journeys of self-love, self-discovery and awareness of their position in the wider world.

A beautiful blend of comedy and social commentary in a powerful but sensitive piece of theatre.​


8th - 9th August 2019, Lion and Unicorn, London

17th October 2019, The Hex, Colchester

20th - 21st October 2019, Katzpace, London

18th - 22nd February 2020, Lion and Unicorn, London

Written by BantuScribe

Directed by Andrea Lungay


'hilariously realistic look at modern relationships while trying to break free from stereotypes and societal expectations of them.'

Afridiziak Theatre News 2019

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